How to Order Cotto vs Canelo PPV Online

Cotto vs Canelo fight is getting near. Many real fans have been expecting for the real game held in this 21st November. Both of the boxers have earned the eligibility to step into the right against their strong opponent. HBO PPV is the responsible provider to ensure all the fans can catch up with the match without any hassle.

How to Order Cotto vs Canelo PPV Online

The senior vice president of HBO, Mark Taffet ensured that million people on earth would have the same opportunities to enjoy the match right through HBO PPV. Those who don’t know the details of the match. You should keep in mind that the showdown will be held on November 21st at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

How to Order Cotto vs Canelo PPV

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The HBO promoters are happy to provide the PPV services to the people in broadcasting the fight that will happen on November 21 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The tickets have been sold to the audiences. They will gather in the Mandalay Bay Events Center which is the giant arene usually used for World Championship Boxing, concerts, and other special events. With the capacity of ten thousand people, this event venue will be crowded by boxing fans from both Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez. But the real fans don’t have to spend their time and effort to go there. They can catch up with the boxing match right from their favorite screen via HBO PPV.

After the tedious waiting moments, all the boxing fans finally can expect to watch their favorite boxers on their favorite screen. The long negotiation process has been paid off. The prominent fighters Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez will finally get into the ring to meet up. The prediction is tough. Both of them are strong contenders. In the other side, this fight awakes the old legacy of two parties, Puerto Rican and Mexican. It will be definitely good game to watch.

Both of the fighters will give the fans what they want to watch. Both titles are at stake and this can be pretty intense. The two prominent fighters bear the names and titles. Another chapter will be written down. You can expect to watch this right from HBO PPV.

The fight is very crucial for both fighters since beside attaining the titles, they will have the great chance to fight the strong competitor WBC interim middleweight champ namely Gennady Golovkin. He is considered as the strongest contender in his division right now. Of course there is no easy way out for both fighters. Both will have to suspend their ego and max out their proficiency. There will not be any easy game on the ring. Now, the interesting part is that you can get the HBO PPV from direcTV. If you are up to this provider, then you are one step ahead.

First thing first make sure you have created DIrecTV account. Then you can confirm your credit card to be the official of DirecTV member. The next thing you will do is simple. You just need to choose which show you want to watch. Choose the PPV option and Order Cotto vs Canelo PPV to watch  Canelo vs Cotto live Stream

Watch Canelo vs Cotto Live Stream on HBO Pay Per View

Welcome to the official information page about Watch Canelo vs Cotto Live Stream on HBO Pay Per View. Finally, after the tedious and tiring negotiation we can expect to watch the boxing match between Cotto vs Canelo for real on November 21st on HBO PPV. With the commencing fight, you are offered with various ways to watch Cotto vs Canelo without any hassle. One of the most reliable providers you can lean on is HBO pay Per View.

Canelo vs Cotto Live Stream

This is called as mega fight since whoever is the winner of this match will be holding the new title. Beside, he will get the chance to fight against Gennady Golovkin later, who is considered as the best fighter in the middleweight division currently.

The other interesting point that we can enjoy from this fight is that it will revive the old rivalry between Puerto Rico vs Mexico. The fans from both country will definitely expect the result of the game and they will not miss it. This is also the attraction for the average fans of boxing. It is a fight that will determine how much the passion owned by Cotto when he reaches 34, which is the peak age of normal boxers.

This is the determining fight. We are pretty sure that Golovkin will react finely when expecting his next opponent. If he is questioned about his opponent choice, that will be a difficult question. Well, we also do not want to speculate about the result between Cotto vs Canelo. Whoever is the winner, he will hold the most prestigious title afterwards.

Start to dig more insight about the HBO PPV option. Well, it is always better to choose the HD option since you will see the highest quality of the video streaming. The fight will be started at 9 pm ET or 6 pm PT. So, don’t ever miss it!

Cotto vs Canelo big fight will be crowded by the viewers around the world. On November 21st 2015, don’t ever miss the fight that will be delivered through HBO PPV. This can be measured as equal as Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight. The 12,000 people will attend the fight at Mandalay Bay Area. the tickets are fully booked. Speaking about HBO PPV, you will have to pay for $64.95. Expensive? No. Compared to watch it right at the venue, it is much cheaper.

Instead, you will have the clearer snapshot about your favorite fighter. The HBO is expecting to draw 1.5 million buys. This is going to be a big day that you will regret to miss. Spend your nice weekend time to Watch Canelo vs Cotto Live Stream on HBO Pay Per View. Don’t miss it! Stay with us for info about Order Cotto vs Canelo PPV Boxing